Me Niego a Arrodillarme

Me Niego a Arrodillarme

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The title of this book immerses us from the first to the Last page in a story both exciting and terrible. Thrilling is the destination chosen by Hernán Mejía Gutiérrez when He was still a child and on his father's shoulders, he witnessed a Great military parade. His gaze met that of the marching officer. In front. With chill and admiration he perceived that the military was willing to give his life for the country, and decided then that he would do the same, he would be a soldier. Although his father He prophetically warned him that his vocation would only bring him scars and medals, he entered the Military School of Cadets.

Author: Coronel Hernán Mejía Gutiérrez

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958–06–1340-4