Metro Elevado

Metro Elevado

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Elevated meter. A new Reficar or Odebrecht? it is a preventive book. The investigation by Juana Afanador and David García contextualizes the story of a “Metro” that does not yet exist. Multiple tenders in our country carry a burden of irregularities and errors that later undermine the economic and moral heritage of citizens. Due to whims, or alleged monetary interests of politicians, officials, and contractors? In the Bogota Metro elevated project, three alleged crimes could be configured, among others, that would seriously affect the citizens of Bogotá and the country: one). Detriment to public patrimony, for having stopped the Subway Underground with complete studies approved by the World Bank, since the 146 billion pesos of the studies could be lost? two). Were future terms approved by the mayor and 28 councilmen without the studies required by law? three). Did the Conpes 3899 of 2017 approve validities for more than 13 billion pesos for an Elevated Metro project without complete engineering studies? For these reasons, among others, the bidding companies could then claim "cost overruns" about the legal security of the contract and the conditions under which they would deliver the project. On the other hand, several of the companies selected to validate the studies and, above all, to tender the construction of this mega-work, the most important for the present and future of Bogotá, apparently have negative antecedents that this book sets out preventively and is It is mandatory to investigate, not by the Metro manager, but by the control entities before any tender. The IDB asked to report any irregularity regarding the construction of the first Bogotá Metro Line. This publication delves into a series of inconsistencies and arbitrariness that serve as a reflection for public opinion, the different interdisciplinary and control bodies, to inform and act before history repeats itself again. Alarms go off!

Author: Juana Fanador y David García

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1422-7