No habre vivido en vano

No habre vivido en vano

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I will not have lived in vain, it is a novel that expresses the complexity of Jaime Garzón. His ideas, his irony, his legacy, through his heteronyms and himself. The most surprising thing about Fernando González Santos' story is that he achieves a fictitious and real journey between the past and the present, showing us a living Garzón in the collective imagination of a nation. Its most precious characters are faced with an uncertain fate, some return to public life in different circumstances and their voices seek to be silenced; others retain part of the roles we met them in the television series of the 1990s, avoiding multiple vicissitudes. Nothing has changed, the crisis has worsened, it seems to be the tragic fate of Colombia.

Author: Fernando González Santos

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1421-0