Notas Profanas

Notas Profanas

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Notes Profanas was born from the need to understand why corruption is rampant in Colombia, with the implications on the lives of all Colombians that we already know, without anything worthy of note and that is proportional to the evil it causes. The analysis is motivated by the information obtained by any person as a recipient of the country's media and is based on theories about culture, successfully applied in the past. As a result, a clear and explicit picture of the reasons and the possible paths to be followed is obtained so that corruption does not continue with its voracious step that ultimately disadvantages us all, including its managers and precursors. Absolute ethical values, their confrontation with their own and their distortion, form an important part of the book, which is entertaining and those that make us understand complex processes making them simple and common. The book has the virtue to make us feel that anyone could have written it because precisely the analysis is profane and we all know what we are talking about, however its approach and its proposal are innovative. Profane Notes has always sought to turn this analysis into proposals that suddenly help to face the reality we are faced with simply by being Colombian. As far as the author is concerned, she fulfills the objective and today understands some part of what happens and some part of what can be done. Profane Notes is an invitation not to surrender to the corrupt and to do something about it, it is an invitation to return to the right thing because our survival and that of our country depends on it.

Author: Lina del Pilar Suárez Rodríguez

Edicion: 1 

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1385-5