Poemas entre espinas

Poemas entre espinas

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Many times in our lives we think that it is a real waste of time to let our feelings speak. However, when it is the only option for the soul to rest, there is no one who can stop the power of feelings, eager for freedom. Falling in love, discovering the world, letting yourself be surprised, feeling frustration, wanting without being reciprocated, the crazy uncertainty, the passion, the sadness, the desire, the loneliness, the disappointment. The mere fact of living! It can fill us with so much fear and courage while it can transform our lives without realizing it and forever. Giving the heart to live is a relentless risk, because we risk living with intensity every moment, but it is the most exciting adventure we can face. Poems between thorns narrate each moment with the intensity lived, making time the best ally to let the past escape, maintain sanity and allow the soul to feel free and without harming anyone, because living can only do us good, we live only once, between beautiful thorns.


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Idioma: español

ISBN: 978-958-06-1334-3