Por el Pais de Valerio

Por el Pais de Valerio

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Through the meadow of a high mountain, a child feeds his flock. It is he, the charming, the friend, the pastor; Responsible for responding to what happens to his pack. It is Valerio Franco Fierro, he is eleven years old, and this work has been done since he turned six. José Franco Fierro his father, took him the first day to those prairies and said: –Learn this job well because you must do it for the rest of your life. I did it, my father and my grandfather did it, it is a sacred office and the bread god, according to Greek mythology, is its defender. Yahweh has always protected pastors; Kings has taken from the dung of the sheep and put them on his throne.

Author: Eusebio Culma

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1238-4