¿Qué hay despues del Amor?

¿Qué hay despues del Amor?

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It is a novel that tells the common and extraordinary story of Celeste, a woman destined for heartbreak because she suffers from an imperishable dissatisfaction that leads her to constantly look for someone who moves her bowels and dizzy her head, is the story of her search and her wild meetings with love, attachments and weaknesses; the encounter with herself and with the empty spaces of the human being that lead her to repeat herself constantly in circles that do not make her happy and much less make her feel proud. It is the story of a self-healing that is given with the knowledge that only gives time, painful experiences, retrospective look, and interior monologues that are made after each experience.

Author: Daniela Gessel Sanchez Lopez 

Edicion: 1 

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1393-0