Secreto sin llave

Secreto sin llave

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ERIKA SPAIN, after the success of his first novel, Diamonds at Breakfast (which had a second edition) surprises us with a shocking, intriguing and thoughtful work in which the privileged and irresponsible youth of our time teaches us that there are errors that are paid too expensive. This Social Communicator of the University of La Sabana, with studies in Marketing Management and Neurolinguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence, continues to ratify that his own are the lyrics and the publication of his second novel proves it. Salomé Santamaría, a beautiful 17-year-old girl from Bogotá's high society, was reportedly raped that night and her family promised not to rest until they found the culprit. But how difficult it can be to access the truth when the four suspects turn out to be the son of a Minister, the son of a potent industrialist, the son of the owner of the best school in the city and the son of a Republic General.


Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1254-4