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In March 2006 QUIQUE VALDECABRAS was kidnapped by the Colombian guerrillas (FARC) and released on September 2008. During the endless days and nights of the kidnapping, isolated from his seven-year-old daughter, the author, to communicate with her, imagined that He was not alone, he was accompanied by his family, including the employee. In order not to repeat himself in his imaginary, he discovered planets, situations, and characters that, although human, was different, and there he placed his daughter. That allowed him continuous and intimate contact. These stories, which were written during captivity, were also kidnapped. The author, after being released, tried to rewrite them without success. Five years later, in the solitude of a Caribbean island, he suddenly remembered what he had not been able to remember in all that time.

Author: Quique Valdecabras

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1260-5