Trump y el barril de Diógenes

Trump y el barril de Diógenes

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In the political-cultural framework of the United States, there are doubts about whether Donald Trump's victory represents the end of the politically correct. As an ideology that reached fanatical extremes, it has remained, to put it in Creole slang, with lead in the wing. Will Trump be a different populism than Obama's populism, but after all populism? Will it be the millionaire Trump who has the courage and effectiveness of breaking the umbilical cord of the great American oligopolies with the political elite of the greatest power in the world? Everything remains to be seen. It is not intended that he be confronted with that elite, but that he is not an agent of his interests. The strengthening of political democracy demands, more than ever today, in the United States and throughout the so-called Western World, the support of the moral reason It demands, as protagonists in the public spaces in leading role, those honest citizens who, with their lantern, were urgently looking for Diogenes, the philosopher who, detached from the material to excess, lived in a barrel.

Author: Rodríguez Iturbe José

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204373