Un preludio de sorderas

Un preludio de sorderas

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A prelude to deafness constitutes a succession of short stories, mini-stories that challenge the great problems of our time. The follies of our times, corruption, the inability of politicians, the borders of love, the remnants of religions and their devastating interpretations, the deficiencies of education, the machination of reality and the eruption of cascading questions that they teach us that at the end of time we will always have utopias. It is a game of ironies, it is a network of linguistic devices that makes us laugh after reading the profound banality in which humanity is mobilized. Not everything is horror, a hope resurfaces, everything is in languages, nothing on the outside, therefore, everything is in human beings.

Autor: Miguel Alberto González González

Edition: 1

Idioma: español

ISBN: 978-958-06-1347-3