Un Quijote Moderno

Un Quijote Moderno

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Years later Julián Montero would remember that morning in El Pedregal as if it were yesterday, it was five o'clock, the sun It looked out and the roosters sang. The smell of countryside flooded the atmosphere, in the corral, the milking cows waited patiently his turn to return with his young, the murmur of the waters of the nearby stream harmonized with the creak of the timbers that burned in the hearth. Was his seventh birthday, awake since three in the I was in the kitchen at dawn, at that time it helped to raise the candle had milked and rested on the table the canteen full of milk that was his duty to bring all days for internal use of the farm.

Author: Jael Monroy Soto

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958-06-1247-6