Una Latitud Muy Fria

Una Latitud Muy Fria

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Like every afternoon after returning from work, Desmond checked the mailbox before going up the stairs to your apartment on the fourth floor of the old Chapinero Alto building. The goalkeeper of building, a short indiecito of stature and without teeth that at night He took very little care and slept peacefully wrapped in a dirty ruana and descosida, he reached a couple of magazines that were too great for the small space of the locker. Desmond gave him the thanks with that kind tone that the English use to leave evidence of his good manners, so universally admired, and that usually, it turns out to be the first layer of makeup of the people recently civilized barbarians. The little man returned a wide and ugly smile full of gaps and followed him with his eyes until that his figure disappeared up the stairs.

Author: Felipe Priast Chica

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958-06-1085-4