Vólver a los clásicos

Vólver a los clásicos

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This book is born, essentially, of intuition. For some time we wondered if it was more appropriate to explain certain social phenomena by reading Foucault or going to ComicCon. And it is increasingly difficult to understand the way in which our students understand reality. The exercise of the exegesis of "classic" texts is a bit sterile, but, at the same time, the pure allusion to the phenomena of contemporary life lets out all the richness of the analysis that, from the theories of communication, was done in the 20th century Thus, the objective is simple and provocative, this book seeks to serve as input to any level of academic study on communication theories, connected between them by that invisible thread of media ecology.

Author: Roncallo Sergio, Uribe Enrique, Goyoneche Edward

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581203871