Y cuando no llegan los hijos

Y cuando no llegan los hijos

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The human being is a social being excellence. One of the ways in which this dimension is manifested is when a man and a woman decide to unite their lives in marriage and one of their purposes is the procreation of children, who are the fruit of the love of those parents. This union is the basis that constitutes the first community to which tasks, purposes and functions are associated. Due to various circumstances of today's life, many marriages are surprised because they cannot naturally conceive their children. At that time many questions begin to arise that, in most cases, have no answer: Why us? and why all our friends and family have been able to conceive? Although it is a difficult stage to live, the world is not over; There is an absolutely incredible option that changes the lives of parents and a child forever: adoption.

Author: Alfoso Ilva

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204694