Yo, Claudia

Yo, Claudia

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“Before being the Senator and candidate Claudia López, I am a citizen like most of the Bogota citizens. I was born in the center of Bogotá and grew up, along with my mother and my five brothers, between La Candelaria, Puente Aranda, Engativá and Ciudad Bolívar. From there I come, it was in those corners that I began to know and love Bogotá. The politics thing was giving me life, in reality, my teenage dreams were to study medicine. The paradox was that I ended up studying Biology at the District University. But it was there, in the District, that I met and was part of the La Séptima Papeleta movement, that was my gateway to work for Colombian democracy, a task that I have not abandoned since then. ”

Author: Maureén Maya Sierra

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1426-5