Yo La Mate

Yo La Mate

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Yuliana Samboní, waited with joy and enthusiasm for the sunrise on Sunday after breakfast at her house on the slopes of Bogotá, above the Circunvalación Avenue, to go out and play with her 12-year-old cousin and a little friend, in which It would be the last happy hour of his life. His house is located on Transversal 4 East 59-09 Street in Barrio Bosque Calderón Tejada, a neighborhood founded in 1942 in the old lands of the Calderón Tejada Family that stretched in the mountains to the boundaries of La Calera and the neighborhood limits with lending educational establishments, in the north with the Colegio Nueva Granada, in the south with the Manuela Beltrán University and in the southeast with the parking lots of the Grancolombiano Polytechnic.

Author: Jesús R. Vergara Padilla

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958-06-1360-2