Yo te amo, tú me amas… ¿Nos casamos?

Yo te amo, tú me amas… ¿Nos casamos?

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This book aims to be a simple but practical guide, with which it helps to illustrate those couples who see their relationship as a valuable opportunity to realize that "we are one", that "I chose you" and that "let's walk together ”, with the conviction of moving forward to give way to marriage. At the end of the reading, our greatest pride will be your satisfaction and complacency to find a great added value to what you were looking for: a friendly and unconditional advice so that your relationship is strengthened and pleasantly added in your desire to ratify that “election ”As your ideal complement on the road to marriage.

Author: Astuy Lossada Annabel, Ortiz Marín Sandra Patricia

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204557